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HUMAX Co. Ltd. Personal Information and Information Asset Protection Policy

HUMAX Co. Ltd., (hereinafter called the ‘Company’) will comply with the act on the protection of personal information and other related laws and regulations regarding personal information, etc., anonymous personal information and information assets (hereinafter called ‘information, etc.’) handled by the Company in its businesses. In addition, in order to comply with internal regulations and thoroughly protect information etc., we have established the following policies. By continuously reviewing this activity, we will strive to improve them.


1. 1. Organizational structure
In order to establish a system to protect and manage information, etc., and to appropriately maintain this system, the Company shall conduct education and training to management and employees, disseminate to subcontractors, etc., and thorough to correctly handle information, etc., in daily operations.
2. Acquisition and use of information, etc.
  • (1) The Company will identify the purpose of usage and acquire information etc., by lawful and fair means.
  • (2) In the use of information, etc., in addition to cases required by law and regulations, the Company will use information, etc., only to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use and will not provide nor disclose it to a third party without obtaining consent from the person in question in advance.
  • (3) The Company does not acquire, handle, or process information, etc., for the purpose of buying, selling, or providing information to third parties.
  • (4) When entrusting the handling of information, etc., to a third party, we will investigate the third party and conduct appropriate supervision in order to maintain confidentiality.
3. Purpose of use
The Company acquires personal information necessary for business execution, and the personal information will be used for the following purposes.
  • (1)To provide information that the Company deems beneficial and appropriate, such as contracts and transactions, introduction of services provided by the Company, to the extent of the following business purposes and marketing activities such as market research.
    • ①Ownership, sale, lease and its brokerage, management, sale and leasing of real estate
    • ②Research, investment and investment advisory business related to real estate, real estate securitized products, receivables, securities and financial assets
    • ③Consultation business related to real estate transactions
    • ④Investment management business
    • ⑤Type II Financial Instruments Business
    • ⑥Consulting business related to asset management and assets management
    • ⑦Sales, rental, construction business of buildings and housings
    • ⑧Joint usage for business activities between HUMAX Group companies
    • ⑨All operations incidental to the above issues
  • (2)To exercise the rights and fulfil obligations performed by the Company
4. Safety management of information, etc.
The Company will take appropriate safety management measures to maintain accuracy of information, etc., and to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc., of information, etc.
5.Emergency response
In the event of an information security problem, the Company will promptly investigate the cause and take measures.
6.Contact us
The Company will respond appropriately to requests and inquiries from the person or his or her representative regarding disclosure, correction, termination of use etc., of information, etc., without delay.
If you have any questions regarding our handling of information, etc., please contact our Administration Department. In addition, should you contact us by phone, we may record the contents of the call not to miss the request.

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Privacy policy contact

Revised 19th July, 2017

Yoshitaka Hayashi President, CEO