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Group Mission

Why are we here?

The thoughts toward the mission:‘pioneer markets and create wonderful time’

Our HUMAX Group’s mission is to ‘pioneer markets and create wonderful time ’. HUMAX Group has taken on challenges in running various kinds of businesses such as estate and in the areas of ‘watch ’, ‘eat’,  and ‘play ’. This mission statement was adopted in 2015 to redefine why we are here.

The mission statement consists of two messages. One is to ‘pioneer markets’. By creating promising niche markets where guests have yet to find satisfaction  and  constantly working on our unique strengths, we aim at becoming the top company in each  and  every field. The other is to ‘create wonderful time’. Unlike the word ‘fun’, to feel ‘wonderful’ is an emotion that cannot be induced without someone else’s involvement. To our guests who choose to visit HUMAX Group’s restaurants  and  facilities, our goal is not only to deliver excellent products  and  services like movies, cuisine,  and  entertainment sites, but also to offer impressive hospitality, so memorable that the ‘wonderful’ experience stays in their hearts for a long time.

I have long wanted to make HUMAX Group a ‘resilient group’, the thought of which has grown all the stronger amid the difficult circumstances during the Covid-19 crisis. A resilient group is a group that demonstrates strength  and  flexibility to respond quickly to the changing times  and  environment. To make it happen, here are the three things we must get right.

First, ‘sharing the mission’.
No matter how the environment where our Group thrives changes, staying focused on our mission enables us to build a strong backbone for the Group  and  concentrate management resources on necessary businesses.

Second, ‘understanding our guests’.
In today’s rapidly changing world, our guests’ needs are truly diverse. Without understanding our guests  and  their expectations, it is a practical impossibility to pioneer markets, let alone to create wonderful time.

Third, ‘refining our know-how’. To be able to respond to the changing environment, metabolism is essential to business. The right metabolism relies on the accumulation of know-how.

By sharing the mission ‘pioneer markets, create wonderful time’ with all our employees, thoroughly exploring our guests’ needs,  and  refining our know-how to meet those needs, we set out to build ‘a resilient company‘ with strength  and  adaptability. From there, we grab whatever chances present to us amid the Covid-19 crisis,  and  ultimately strive for the further growth of HUMAX Group.

12th of December, 2020

Yoshitaka Hayashi President, CEO

Business Overview

Introducing businesses of the HUMAX Group companies, pleasantly coloring each moment in your lifetime.
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Real Estate Operations: the core of the group

Utilizing our value-enhancement expertise, we engage in the management of real estate assets and properties through services that include tenant-leasing and facility-rejuvenation of urban commercial complexes in prime Tokyo City locations such as Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Shibuya, as well as those in Greater Metropolitan & Kansai areas, and overseas locations.


“I”have a dream

The dream envisioned by the Founder
The DNA passed on

In 1948, in Tokyo where the scars of war have yet faded,
Keitsu Corporation, the predecessor of Humax Corporation, was establishedBy
Founder Lin I Wen out of his wish to “Bring joy to people disheartened by war.”

70 years have passed since then… Humax Corporation has withstood the test of time,
 retaining the “DNA” of the company passed down since its foundation.
It is the “think-while-you-run” spirit. It stands for the attitude to proactively
take on challenges whenever an opportunity arises,
 the flexibility to adapt to whatever circumstances we find ourselves in,
and the mind to not give up easily. The spirit is,and has always been, here at Humax, vividly and continuously.